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Anyone for Beetroot Cake?

Anyone for Beetroot Cake?

IMG_1369After a Summer to remember for a lot of our Scouts – with Summer Camp and the Iceland adventure for a lot of us – we returned tonight to launch our new Monster Media programme.

We often work towards Challenge Awards on a regular troop night, and part of the Skills Challenge says that we need to ‘understand why a sensible diet is important’… So what better way then to compare healthy treats with those not-so-healthy?

Each patrol was given an off-the-shelf, unhealthy snack and tasked to make a healthy, do-it-yourself with ingredients alternative. Having said that, I’m not sure that a beetroot cake is a good alternative to chocolate cake (why not try making one at home?)! They also looked into the cost difference between buying readymade junk food from a supermarket compared to being able to make healthier goodies at home.

A night involving tasty goods wouldn’t be complete without a Leaders taste test, with the flapjack seeming favourable – others were well made, but quite an acquired taste shall we say.