1st Washington are a 100 years old this year - celebrate with us!

1st Washington Centenary Badge GoldThis year is the centenary of our Scout group which was founded in 1916.

It's a very exciting time for us and we are hard at work planning a range of centenary events to mark the event.

These include:

  • Opening up our Summer Camp to the whole group - details of that are coming soon
  • Our Scout/Explorer trip to Iceland.
  • A group photograph - we aim to get a photograph of everyone who is currenlty in the group via Drone at Herrington Country Park on Saturday the 18th of June - Everyone who attends will get our commemorative centenary badge (shown left) to wear on their shirt.
  • Launching a range of special merchandise to commemorate the event. 
  • A celebration event on the 5th of November

Special Centenary Merchandise



We wanted somehting totally unique and suitably retro to commenorate our centenary so we are going for an enamel mug. Those of us who have one othese know that even in the tough camp environment an enamel mugh will offer many years of faithful service. These mugs will be the larger 20oz variety so there is space for 568ml of your favourite drink. We will be ordering exacly 100 of them so they will be very limited edition.

The cost of each mug will be £10 with any profit going to toward our centenary events.

Details of how to order will be coming soon


We are also currenlty looking into Hoodies & T-Shirts