Explorers go back to the 80s

Take a look at the results of our two week project to recreate an 80s pop video. Moody poses and mullet haircuts are definitely the thing.

The Troop sets a new World Record

While looking at the web - as we do - we came across recordsetter.com. Recordsetter is a site where you can set your own World records or, better still beat other people's. Both the Explorer Unit and the Troop had a go at the "Most people shoving their faces into cake at once" record. The Explorer unit did break it but sadly the camera wasn't rolling. the Scouts had a go at beting the previous record and have a video to prove it. We're just waiting for the judges to officially agree that we did. Meanwhile check out the results of our efforts here. We will definietly be having a go at setting, and breaking more records soon.


Breaking news we have officially beat the record

Found our Cache?

geocache-labelThe Explorer Unit have been introduced to the world of geocaching.

In case you don't know - geocaching is a kind of techno treasure hunt.

A global network of caches are hidden for you to go and find with your GPS unit or smartphone. We really enjyed going out and finding the caches in Washington, so much so in fact that we decided to hide some of our own. There is one in the garden of HQ that you can find by following the clues on open caching.com or geocaching.com you can find the link to our cache at HQ here or find the other ones we listed by searching our username houghton explorers.

Its a really good excuse to get out and about and put your gadgets to a more interesting use.


We go surfing

Recently we visited the flowrider at Heworth. The activity was officially rated as 'Epic' by the Scouts who attended. The rest of the troop, who were doing archery can't wait to give it a go. Check out our youtube channel for more spectacular videos of us falling over

Summer Camp Pictures Now Online


Hi all. Just to let you know that the Summer Camp pictures are now available in the gallery. Remember if you want to see the gallery link you have to register with the site. Check out the first lot of pictures which was our attempt to better the muddy faced kid picture on the top of our website header. I think you will agree we won that one. Other highlights include. the end of camp group shots and the ones from the hike up Grisedale Pike. The video collection will be coming soon. If you want to download any of the pictures add them to the cart and you can download them as one big zip file. For more Summer Camp stuff be sure to check out the blog. Yes we blogged from a field in the Lakes..