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We'll be snapping, climbing and partying as Scouts take on our Monster Media programme, wrapping up our groups centenary year in style!


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Scouts Photographer Badge



As part of our Monster Media programme theme we are having a go at making a horrow film. What shots do you need to tell the story and what is it that makes us jump out of our seats?


The requirements of the badge are as follows:


The Photographer’s Badge

Video Photography

  1. Produce at least two short films from two of these categories. Create a storyboard and script for each of these. You can edit the film ‘in camera’ or by using simple editing tools:


music video


situation comedy


training film

  1. Discuss:

  • the differences between video and still photography. Explain the reasons for choosing one format over another for a range of subjects.
  • problems that can happen when using automatic. Explain how these can be fixed.

  1. Show that you understand:

  • camera techniques such as panning, zooming, close-ups, long shots and using additional lighting.
  • production techniques such as editing, how to avoid jumpy cuts and maintaining continuity.

  1. Show that you know how to care for a video camera and accessories, such as storage media, batteries, microphones and lights.



To see what devices are used to scare people in films check out this site on the basics of fright


Become the master of the shock - build suspense with nothing much happening except creepy music then shock us with something crrepy - There are some examples here but don't watch them alone as they are GOOD examples ;-)


For an explaination of the types of shots used check this out




When you understand the type of shots that can be used to tell a story then you are able to create some pretty scary stuff.


Check out Curtis's video here





You can tell a story in just five shots. Check out the tutorial here to find out what you need to capture.