VE Day

1st Washington recently attended the 70th anniversary of VE Day commemorations in Washington Village.

We are the only Scout Group in Washington to be affiliated to the Royal British Legion and were specially invited to attend.

We had a fantastic turn-out from all sections and even managed to get a group photo - the first for many years.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Summer Camp Video is Live

We didn't take a lot of pictures at camp this year - instead we made a video.


Taking inspiration from The Script's "Hall of Fame", it was on the minibus playist on the way over, we used a drone, two GoPros and a phone to capture this. 


It gives you a bit of an insight into the activities we get up to at camp and since most of it was edited at camp struck us how much technology has moved on since we made our first Summer Camp video in the 90s.


Watch out for the time lapse of setting up the site. It took quite a bit longer than it appears. 


If we can find the original Summer Camp video - who knows maybe we'll have a re-release for the centenary. There are a few familiar faces in the original film some grew up to be the leaders ;-)

Found our Cache?

geocache-labelThe Explorer Unit have been introduced to the world of geocaching.

In case you don't know - geocaching is a kind of techno treasure hunt.

A global network of caches are hidden for you to go and find with your GPS unit or smartphone. We really enjyed going out and finding the caches in Washington, so much so in fact that we decided to hide some of our own. There is one in the garden of HQ that you can find by following the clues on open or you can find the link to our cache at HQ here or find the other ones we listed by searching our username houghton explorers.

Its a really good excuse to get out and about and put your gadgets to a more interesting use.


We're back on

Tonight was our Troop Christmas party at Quasar Laser in South Shields. Just to add a slightly daft twist we decided to play in onesies. Sure it was hot, and we did look more than a bit ridiculous walking to Quasar for the minibus but hey when there's a record to set who cares!

The Zombie Scouts arrive in time for Halloween

52ddc058d96e3This week at Scouts we had a go at Zombie makeup. Something that the Explorers learned how to do last year. The effects, as you can see are pretty good and you can certainly do a lot with toilet roll, liquid latex and theatrical makeup. Some of the Scouts didn't quite get the idea of put a "little" black around your eyes. Kudos to Jacob who walked home with his face all zombied up.

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Make a hike stove with a drinks can for free

IMG 1790When Mr Kennedy came to camp and announced it was possible to make a stove out of drinks can we were very interested. The Scouts had a go at making one as their camp gadget for the Outdoors Badge. Since then the Explorers have had a go at making one too and they really are impressive. It turns out that there are lots of different designs but we had a go at making Tom's stove as it requires a single can and a pocket knife to make. Our tip is remove the lid with the can opener on a Victorinox Swiss Army knife if you want a nice neat job. There are loads of websites that give you ideas how to make it. This one even rates all of the different designs. Ours beat a trangia - which is pretty impressive. We're about to try out some of the more complicated designs too.

Scouts shoot each other for fun

{gallery}Laser Battlefield{/gallery}


Ok so you have always wondered what it would be like to play Call of Duty for real. I can tell you it's really good fun. We 've been up to Laser Battlefield near Beamish on our lat Troop night of the Summer term. I have to say that the Scouts had far too much fun chasing down and shooting the leaders. Despite both of us being armed with extra powerful sniper rifles we were both well and truly shot.

Explorers go back to the 80s

Take a look at the results of our two week project to recreate an 80s pop video. Moody poses and mullet haircuts are definitely the thing.

The Troop sets a new World Record

While looking at the web - as we do - we came across Recordsetter is a site where you can set your own World records or, better still beat other people's. Both the Explorer Unit and the Troop had a go at the "Most people shoving their faces into cake at once" record. The Explorer unit did break it but sadly the camera wasn't rolling. the Scouts had a go at beting the previous record and have a video to prove it. We're just waiting for the judges to officially agree that we did. Meanwhile check out the results of our efforts here. We will definietly be having a go at setting, and breaking more records soon.


Breaking news we have officially beat the record