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Fire Station Visit- 15th July

Fire Station Visit- 15th July

We visited Washington Community Fire Station this week to complete the final part of our Friendship Challenge badge which we have been steadily working towards.

Andrew , the Fire Station Watch Manager, was fantastic at explaining to our Beavers the role of the Fire Crew and the kind of work that they did.

Several crew members kindly showed us all of the equipment Firefighters use on the engine and the clothing needed to protect themselves when entering a fire. We have never known the Beavers to be so quiet!!

We toured the station, and all had a turn at firing the water hose!  An emergency call came through part way through the visit and the Beavers saw at first-hand how the Fire Crew spring into action to attend to a fire.  It was very exciting!!

I think we have several Beavers who would quite like to be Firefighters when they grow up after this visit 😉

We will be sending Thank You letters next colony meet to all at the Fire Station for such a fantastic & interesting experience.

Next week is our last colony meeting for the year, so lots of fun and games will be had, badges to be given and some goodbyes to be said.  We return in the first week the schools are back in September (Thursday).

Fire Station Watch Manager, Andrew, explaining about the clothing they wear to protect themselves

The Station Watch Managers own helmet (not yellow, you'll notice)

Very heavy to wear!

Riding in the back

Thermal imaging camera

How cool!?!

We had a lot of fun 😀