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Cubs Go WILD!

Cubs Go WILD!

As part of the Cubs 100 celebrations, we joined our district as we ventured to South Lakes Safari Zoo on Saturday the 15th of October. With 2 coaches, 94 highly-energetic Cubs, Young Leaders and Leaders, a fun-filled day was practically guaranteed. Not even the drizzle, or grey weather, could dampen our spirits!

End of Day Selfie

1st Washington Cubs were renamed ‘Group 5’ for the day, as we explored the Zoo – if your Cub Scout went, why not ask them what they got to see? We even got the chance to feed the Lemurs, see a majestic Lion, and visit Akela with the rest of her wolf pack! If you don’t get the Jungle Book reference there then you need to speak to Baloo, who will tell you all about how Cub Scouting uses the Jungle Book for some of its traditions.

The day was made extra-special as we renewed our promise rather spectacularly on the spiders web within the playground, as we celebrated 100 years of Cub Scouting.

Having been out for a full day (11 hours!) we’re sure that every Cub, Young Leader and Leader-alike went home deserving of a good nights sleep and/or takeaway. See below for some more photos:

As we pulled into Washington Services, Cubs, Leaders and Young Leaders all joined in with a Scout camp classic – country roads, take me home.