Washington Scouts


The hills are alive…

The hills are alive…

… with the sound of scouts! (We’re going to keep working on the blog titles 😂)

Sunday saw the first full day of Summer Camp 2018 in action, starting with a hearty breakfast followed by getting sorted for our adventure trek.

  • Waterproofs ✅
  • Packed lunch ✅
  • Plenty of water ✅
  • Energy to burn 🤔

After setting off from Stonethwaite campsite, we headed up to do a circular route, ending up at Black Moss Pot. The trek proved quite the challenge, battling against the heat and terrain, but our new mountaineers came out on top. We’re really proud of them!

Black Moss Pot is an ideal place to cool down a day in the sun, with its various sized jumps into the large body of water coming down stream.

It’s been a long day, now what’s in store for Monday and Tuesday? Follow the daily blog for all your camp updates! We’re also posting onto our Facebook page, so give us a like and follow on there too if you haven’t already.