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Scouts Spring Adventure Trek Camp 2019

Scouts Spring Adventure Trek Camp 2019

Our current Scout programme is all about equipping Scouts with the skills & knowledge for a safe day on the hills, covering map reading, how to use a compass, what kit you’ll need, as well as pacing. So we decided to set aside a weekend to put these skills to the test, working together as a team throughout, whether it was on the actual adventure trek, or during the evenings game of bowling.

Since the weather forecast for our original planned trek – to Simonside Hills – was looking a little less than okay (constant rain with high chance of sleet and snow), Mr Richardson and Mr Lloyd came up with an alternative route for our adventure trek on the Saturday. Starting off at Finchale Abbey, Scouts navigated their way to Durham City Centre, even bumping into the university quidditch team before we left!

Confident in their new found skills, we let them ‘loose’ on Penshaw Monument, splitting them up into 2 groups, competing against each other in an epic race to get to Cox Green.

After tea it was time to head to Sunderland Bowl for a game of bowling and air hockey, a chance to relax and have fun after a pretty extensive day. We then returned to the HQ for an impressive campfire, set-up by 2 of our experienced Scouts with Mr Lloyd.

Special thanks to Karen & Robin, part of our Beavers leadership team, for helping us out during the weekend.