Parents & Guardians

BeaverMumSupport from parents & guardians is invaluable to the group and many of our adult volunteers are parents of a young person within a section.

 As a parent/guardian of a young person in scouting, there are many ways you can support us from helping with transport or helping the group to fundraise, to becoming a trustee, or even becoming an adult leader.

Please talk to your child's section leader about helping out.

Sharing your knowledge:

 If you’ve got a skill or an unusual talent which we can use for an activity then let us know. Parents have in the past supported with activity badges or arranged visits to their workplaces.



We're always looking for support with fundraising, parents have supported our Baltic Zip Wire fundraiser and had a fantastic time doing it, other parents help us fundraise via our Easyfundraising webpage and collecting active kids vouchers. We're really keen to hear from any parents/guardians whose company match funds any charitable work (like Barclays or Tescos).


Helping with Transport:

 Giving up a day to drive a van to camp and back is a huge help and you get to see our scouts working at their best when setting up a campsite!

If you're company is able to loan us a van, that would be an even bigger help as we can reduce transport costs of an event.


Group Executive:

 Become a member of the group executive and help in the management of the group assets, leader recruitment and administration of the group.


Become an Adult Leader:

There's loads of great reasons to become an adult leader in scouting, whether it's to spend more time with your kids, to learn some new skills, or to get outdoors more. You don't need to give up loads of time and with flexible volunteering, volunteering can work around shift patterns or other time commitments. Find out more about volunteering.