Scout Section Uniform & Badges

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Summer-Camp-114Our Uniform


We take great pride in our uniform and like to be really smart.

For normal Troop night activities we wear full uniform and all invested Scouts are expected to wear their scout shirt, uniform trousers and belt, necker and woggle.

At each meeting we start with an inspection where the smartest and best behaved Patrols can earn points.

If we are going out for an activity Scouts will be asked to dress accordingly.


Where can I buy it?


With the exception of neckers and woggles, which can be bought from the group itself, you can buy everything else that you will need from either the Durham Scout shop at Moor House or the Gatshead Scout Shop. Alternatively, you can buy online from the official Scout Shop


To find out where your badges go, please have a look at the photo below: