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Climb When Ready 2017

Climb When Ready 2017

Reaching for the top, some of our Cubs and Scouts took part in the county’s annual climbing competition Climb When Ready a few weeks ago.

Competing against others from the same section as them they each got the chance to climb 5 different walls in order to find out who was the best in county, while also getting the chance to practice and improve their climbing skills and also get some advice from the experts.

While we didn’t win, we would like to say well done to everyone, you all did really well, especially James from our Wolf Cub pack who managed to come second in the competition. In addition to this he is also the first of our Cubs to make it up to the top of what has been for the last 3 years one of the most difficult and hardest walls to climb, so well done again.

Below is the pictures we have gotten so far so keep an eye out as we will post more and if anyone is interested in where they came in the competition you can click on the link below to find out.

Climb when ready results