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We’re doing JOTI

We’re doing JOTI

Normally we encourage our Scouts to get active and get outdoors. This weekend we’re doing something different; we’re taking part in Jamboree on the Internet. For several years now we’ve been going online to chat to Scouts all over the world. The guys today learned a lot about the technology required for the event and how time zones can really blow your mind. Speak to someone in Australia and you are sending a message to the future. Whoa!

As well as chatting to Scouts, and trying to get as many different countries as possible, we were taking part in Jampuz, an activity based around getting other group’s JOTI IDs (JIDs) ours is 5GB71A if you want to play along at home. JOTI is running for the rest of the weekend and you can connect by going to http://webchat.scoutlink.net and connecting to one of the English channels.

Exciting news for this year too – if you are a Minecraft fan you can even connect to a special Scouty server where you can help build a Minecraft Summer Camp.

The server is minecraft.scoutlink.net

Our JOTI team enjoyed trying to multi-task and have as many chats going as possible.