The Zombie Scouts arrive in time for Halloween

52ddc058d96e3This week at Scouts we had a go at Zombie makeup. Something that the Explorers learned how to do last year. The effects, as you can see are pretty good and you can certainly do a lot with toilet roll, liquid latex and theatrical makeup. Some of the Scouts didn't quite get the idea of put a "little" black around your eyes. Kudos to Jacob who walked home with his face all zombied up.

Make a hike stove with a drinks can for free

IMG 1790When Mr Kennedy came to camp and announced it was possible to make a stove out of drinks can we were very interested. The Scouts had a go at making one as their camp gadget for the Outdoors Badge. Since then the Explorers have had a go at making one too and they really are impressive. It turns out that there are lots of different designs but we had a go at making Tom's stove as it requires a single can and a pocket knife to make. Our tip is remove the lid with the can opener on a Victorinox Swiss Army knife if you want a nice neat job. There are loads of websites that give you ideas how to make it. This one even rates all of the different designs. Ours beat a trangia - which is pretty impressive. We're about to try out some of the more complicated designs too.

Summer Camp 2013

We're back - ok with some wet tents but this year's camp has been one of the best every. A great bunch of Scouts who really threw themselves into every activity. Some quite literally new activities on offer this year included our floating trampoline and Segway adventure in Grizedale forest. No camp would be complete without a visit to Black Moss Pot of course. Check out our YouTube channel for Harvery and Nathan showing us how its done from the very top.


The full gallery is now online so you can all appreciate what a great event it was. Now too dry those tents.

Can you escape to Sanctuary?

SanctuaryLogo-2 300If you like me like the idea of playing wide games you will love Sanctuary. Sanctuary is a competition designed to test your ability to sneak about the countryside without being coaught by teams of "Catchers" Open to teams of 4-7 Scouts or Explorers it takes place on Saturday the 12th of November. If you want to enter a team in the event let the Scout or Explorer leaders know ASAP. More information about the event can be seen on the Sanctuary website here 

Scouts shoot each other for fun

{gallery}Laser Battlefield{/gallery}


Ok so you have always wondered what it would be like to play Call of Duty for real. I can tell you it's really good fun. We 've been up to Laser Battlefield near Beamish on our lat Troop night of the Summer term. I have to say that the Scouts had far too much fun chasing down and shooting the leaders. Despite both of us being armed with extra powerful sniper rifles we were both well and truly shot.